Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gun-Toting Mamas

With fatherhood looming (Just get here already.  It feels like it's been three years) what better way to celebrate than a collection of mom's-to-be, awash in the glow of...wait?  What?  Oh, pardon me.  That glow is the from the hot muzzle.  For some reason...for some, ungodly reason, the interwebs teems with pictures of pregnant women posing with firearms.  So let's celebrate that.

I said NO jackboots on the new sod!

Tom assumed she'd never know he didn't wear a condom.  Eventually, she figured it out.

Does this really need an explanation?

On second glance, you're right.  It's a lovely pattern.  My apologies.

Oh yeah?  Well what's your nursery look like?


No gun, but how could I not?

Yeah.  I stole all these pictures.  What are you gonna do, shoot me?


Kara Mustafa said...

Wow. O_O

Travener said...

Love it! That last one's a killer!

Trisha said...

All I can really say is... "o" and "m" and "g" ;)

MC Howe said...

Surprised you're all so surprised. Perhaps it's my affinity for Awkward Family Photos, but I thought everyone knew about this.


What a great time to be having kids.

lee said...

Oh. Goodness.

Su said...

Yay for the future! Those are just hysterical.

Jeanne said...

What better way to celebrate bringing a new life into the world than to shoot a big gun and pose with it. (And the assumed father-to-be.) My, the world has changed. When I was pregnant 3.5 decades ago, there were no maternity shops and we did not wear clothing to emphasize our new baby. We covered it up. Even at the beach, we wore maternity bathing suits that provided modesty. We did not take professional "pregnancy photos." But the Mama with a Gun photos, that is something that surprises me. I noted that you, MC, were not among the gun-toting loved ones.