Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet The New NEIGHbors

Perhaps an update is in order.  We bought a new house and moved in a couple weeks ago.  It's a far cry from South Florida and even farther from Howard and the Nazi Homeowners' Association.  We've got a nice big yard at the end of a cul-de-sac, with only one other house and acres of vacant land on either side of us.  And where we had a freeway in our backyard in Florida, in Michigan we back up to a horse farm.

Well, apparently someone left the horse gate open yesterday, because I looked into my backyard and there were the new neighbors, Dazzle and Diesel, munching my grass.  Not what I was expecting but boy it was exciting.  We met there owner too, who also has four other horses, including Secretariat's grandson.  She promised to teach me to ride.  She also showed me how to lead them home in case it ever happens again, which it did today when Dazzle came by for an encore.

Even more exciting, for this blog, is that I seem to have moved into the middle of a neighborhood feud.  This is a great relief after leaving Howard and the hillbillies in Florida.  Seems the horse lady rode a few feet onto the grass of the other house on the cul-de-sac one time and set off a chain reaction of phone calls to the police, registered letters and angry accusations.

Now, both sets of neighbors seem nice to me, but then, I've never lived anywhere without wacky neighbors, so what should I expect?  Hopefully it makes good fodder and keeps me blogging a bit more regularly.


Steven J. Wangsness said...

Drat, I'd planned to use a joke with "good fodder" and you beat me to it.

How did you get so many followers, by the way? I never cracked 65 with The Big Litowski and I'm stuck at all of 14 on the new blog.

MC Howe said...

You what's funny? I wrote good fodder and then I thought, I need some kind of joke here.

I don't know how I got so many followers. I sure don't blog much anymore so I doubt many are still here.

Jeanne said...

Well nice picture. I would expect piles of poop is what I would expect. Doo doo. Horse size. And some flies. It is nice to know that there are feuding neighbors wherever you go. It makes this world a special place. I would not have a problem with horses in my yard. I think it would be pretty cool.
I am getting back to blogging. Got do do something with all this time.

Cat Carlisle said...

I was supposed to be asleep hours ago but instead I've been reading every one of your "All About The Neighbors" posts. Loved 'em. Hope you put 'em in a book sometime. Am following you so you can tell me where to buy said book when it comes out. Someone in the comments somewhere compared you to Jean Shepherd and I have to concur. Keep it up! :)

randi lee said...

I could tell you stories about wacky neighbors, I think a lot of us have them. And the horses are so darn pretty! I love them!