Saturday, July 28, 2012

Really NBC? This Is The Best You Can Do?

The Olympics have begun, and while I really couldn't care less (unless Lebron James cries), it is an event.  The National Broadcasting Corporation, having secured the rights to the games for what seems the length of a Scientology Sea Org contract, is showing the games.  The problem is, they really aren't.

NBC owns of host of networks, including MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, USA, UniversalHD, NBCSports and probably a few others, including two that were added to my cable lineup just this week.  Understandably, although stupidly, the network is delaying the games because London is a few hours ahead of the US and A.  I get that advertising dollars are highest during prime time, but with so many networks, one would think they would find a way to put some of the events on the air.

Oh sure, we got a smidgen of badminton, a bit of boxing and even some cycling throughout the day, but as I write this it is prime time.  With NBC showing a John McEnroe feature about a swimmer, I thought to check one of the other channels.

The two new ones--supposedly added for Olympic coverage--off the air.
Bravo -- Million Dollar Listing
MSNBC -- Lockup
CNBC -- The Suze Orman Show
NBC Sports -- MLS Soccer  (Do I even need to remind them that nobody in America likes soccer?)

I could go on but it seems to see the games we are now forced to endure NBC's sorry Americancentric coverage of human interest stories interrupted by 5 minute snippets of actual competition.

To make matters worse, I live close enough to Canada to see their coverage, but because Comcast now owns NBC, they are blacking out CBC during the games.

Somewhere Ann Curry is shaking her head wondering why NBC is in last place.


Amy Saia said...

I agree. Last night I was getting really annoyed with how they flipped back and forth between events, all with some pre-recorded segment thrown in. Just let us watch the events and leave the other stuff for afterwards. Very annoying.

Kathy said...

I dislike the Olympics so I'm not watching NBC at all. I'll be tuning in to other Networks.