Friday, August 31, 2012

Jamaican Mario

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Jamaica.  It was Mario, wanting to talk to his auntie.  Sadly, I knew neither Mario, nor his auntie, which made it impossible to hook them up together.  This was a wrong number, you see, but Mario sounding friendly enough, stayed on the line.  We chatted.  I told him I was in Michigan and the next thing you know, he asked me to send him some girls from Michigan.

I had to ask for clarification because I don't have a ready stable of girls to just send off to Jamaica, or anywhere else, on such short notice.  Unfortunately, Mario didn't offer the kind of details that could help me help him.  I needed to know what kind of girls he wanted. 

Nice girls, he said.

What did he want to do with them? I asked.  This seemed to throw him a bit.  It seems I was a bit presumptuous in thinking that any of my business.  Or perhaps he felt I insinuated he was planning something untoward.  Whatever the case, it didn't make my task easy.

I needed more information.  What were Mario's interests?  Where in Jamaica does he live?  Did he know a former student of mine, who claimed to be a big party thrower in Kingston?

I'm still unclear.

But today Mario called back.  This time it was not a wrong number.  I hadn't as yet, sent the girl he'd requested and what was the delay?  Again I asked for more details so I could find just the right girl.

Mario wanted to know when he should call back.  I let him know I'd be busy working on it and it could be a while.  I want everything to be perfect after all, so I will call him with the details.

I fully expect this to be an ongoing thing.

Stay tuned...

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Jeanne said...

I say that you send him some pictures of girls here in the US. Maybe some of the Wal-Mart shoppers so often on facebook, perhaps some of the costumed delights featured in internet articles. Maybe put a curly wig on your head and send that. Although he may respond to that. Then what would you do? I think Mario is a Lothario. He is up to no good.