Friday, May 14, 2010

iWrite, iRead, iPad

I've had an iPad for about a month now.  As Chickenfoot would sing, I just love, love, love my sexy little thing.  The sleek, black glass.  The stainless steel casing.  The screen big enough to see without squinting.  What's not to love?

As a gadget, it's as cool as an iPhone.  Even though I don't have an iPhone, I have an iPod touch, which is the same thing basically, without a phone or camera.  So the iPad is basically a larger version of an iTouch, but it's so much better.

The aforementioned video player allows you to watch something quite enjoyably.  And it has plenty of storage.  I got the 16 gig version, the smallest capacity they make.  Now, I'm not the type to load this thing up, so it has plenty of space for my needs.  And once you've watched something, why keep it?  Unless you're traveling across the world and want dozens of hours worth of video.  In which case, buy the larger capacity iPad.

Yes, it is a music player.  Yes it runs all the same apps.  Actually, there are some iPad specific apps and some updated apps, much improved for the iPad.

Okay.  So I've convinced you.  I like the iPad.  Now, here's the real point.   Kindles, Sony Readers, Nooks, gizmos I probably haven't heard of yet, are all the talk in the e-reading world.  As writers we're supposed to be concerned that these things will affect our future.  Well guess what?  They will.  Don't ask me how, just get with it.  As far as I know, the future hasn't been written yet.  And I don't get to write it, so stop worrying about what we can't know.

I know this though.  Since I've had my iPad, I've become a convert to the e-reader.  Did you know there is a Kindle App that allows you to download books direct from Amazon to your iPad?  The iPad also comes pre-loaded with iBooks, Apple's online bookstore.  Winne the Pooh was already loaded when I turned my iPad on for the first time.  What a fun treat.  Even more fun - the cool way you turn pages in iBooks.  I can't even describe it.  Just get one.

And why wouldn't you?  Oh, wait.  I can hear the arguments.  I love the smell and feel of a book.

Bunk.  Books don't smell.  Maybe when their hot off the printing press, but I've never held one that soon.  Don't get me wrong, I like books.  One drawback to an e-reader is the difficulty in flipping back to a certain page.  You might remember something in the first few pages, or first quarter of a book, and want to re-read it.  Not so easy with an e-reader.  Especially with Kindle for iPad.  No page numbers.  At least iBook has that.

But the idea of carrying around thousands of books on one device.  The ability to download instantly.  The fact that there are hundreds, if not more, of free books available.  Again, what's not to like.

So to those considering purchasing an e-reader, I submit that you can buy one for around $250.  For just a bit more, okay, twice as much, you get so, so much more.


Travener said...

OK, you've sold me. Now, if I had $250 to spare... Maybe after the child units are done with college.

Amy Saia said...

I want one too. Fer writing of course ; ). I won't be watching any videos (Twilight) or playing any games (solitaire) or surfing the web (youtube). I'll just be writing . . .

Bossy Betty said...

I do have a Kindle, but I don't use it as much as I should. Glad to hear you like your I-Pad. I looked at one in the store. They are SO cool!

Ben Hutchins said...

I have been to the Apple store three times now to drool over the iPad - but I just haven't done it. They are incredible. What am I waiting for?