Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, Here I Am Again

Honestly, I hadn't planned on a new post. Even as I clicked on new post, what the hell did I have to say? Nothing really. Except I'm trying to gear up to start writing again. Too many distractions lately to name, not the least of which is the runaround one gets from the United States Government when applying for international adoption. Here's how it went:
  1. Fill out applicaton.
  2. Receive notice of time and date to be fingerprinted.
  3. Get fingerprinted.
  4. Receive notice of time and date to be fingerprinted.
  5. Frak!  What went wrong.
  6. Stop by fingerprint office - "What went wrong?"  "Don't know.  Computers are down.  We'll call you."  "Right..."
  7. They called.  No problem.  No need to come back.  Why don't I believe them?
  8. Make a few more phone calls.  Send a few emails.  Rearrange work schedule, giving up much needed days off.
  9. Receive phone call - "No problem."  "Why the second notice?"  "Don't know.  Here's the number for your actual case worker."  "Then who are you?"
  10. Call case worker.  "Your records got lost.  You have to do it again."
  11. Don't want to wait a week.  Call case worker back to see if I can move it up.  "No need, they just turned up.  You're good."
  12. Why don't I believe him?
But the good news in all that is, there really is nothing more to do at this point but wait.  And with waiting comes lots of time to write.  The re-write of my WIP hit a brick wall, so I need to get around that, but I have an idea for a short story I'm going to work on today.  Then, there's the issue of work.  I've never mentioned what airline I work for, and I never will.  Trying to stay out of trouble, don't you know.  I will warn anyone who might be considering traveling from South Florida to the Caribbean anytime after June 12, plan your trip very carefully...


Tina Lynn said...

Thanks for the warning. *changes plans*

DL Hammons said...

Matt ~ #1 My wife's a travel agent and could be very interested in what you've mentioned.

#2 Concerning my Blogging Buddies around the Globe rules, you bring up an interesting point and I think I need to go with the location you blog from the most. I have you down as Florida right now, so just let me know if I need to change that. :)

Matt said...

DL - I had to think a minute about what I mentioned. Then I read Tina Lynn's post again. It should have minimal impact in Atlanta - where I'll be all day tomorrow - but I'll keep you posted.