Thursday, June 24, 2010

Return Of The Behemoth

It must be summer vacation.  The next door neighbors are gearing up for a week at Disney World.  I mean, could just be a random weekend.  For that matter, they've never strictly kept their Disney going to off days from school.  In fact, given the always hot and humid weather, it could be any random day of the year.  Not that it matters, because it is now, and the behemoth has returned. 

I mentioned a few days ago that Moira had asked me to tend their mail while they were in Orlando for a week.  Having not specifically stated Disney as the destination, I had hopes they might be branching out, perhaps with a visit to Universal, or Sea World, or heck, maybe even Gatorland.  Alas, yesterday I ran into Howard, displaying his own personal behemoth (he was running around the yard with his shirt off) and he confirmed, seemingly quite irritated I had not already surmised as much, that Disney is indeed the destination. 

"I thought you used up the last of your passes when you went two months ago," I said.

"I don't want to go," he snapped.  "I wish we weren't."

But they are.

Then he pointed out his weedy yard.  Not really necessary, but to be polite, I agreed it looked a mess.  When I inquired why he didn't mow the lawn, he stated, quite exasperatedly, that his wife wanted to go to the store.

I'm still in pause mode while I consider that excuse.  Next, he complained about the heat.  I would point out how hot it will be at Disney in June, but he knows. 

Oh well.  I look forward to a week without them and their lazy, hoarding, hillbilly ways.

It seems I can no longer abide these people, or their homestead.  We are considering a privacy fence.  I'll listen to any suggestions on how to breach the subject.  Or is it broach?  I am a mess.


Southpaw said...

I'm starting to think you’re not crazy about your neighbors.

Matt said...

Starting to think? STARTING TO THINK!?

Amy Saia said...

Your troubled life makes me laugh. Thank you : ) Mwahahahahahaha.