Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I Miss About Home

I made it.  There and back again.  I'm no Ashley Parker Angel, but it sure felt good to go home again.  And then to come home.  Two different places, home and home, with good and bad about both.

I probably took for granted all the things about Michigan I love so much now, but never appreciated when I was growing up.  Things like:

  • Lakes.  Lots and lots of lakes.  My family always had a boat, so our summers were spent on the Great Lakes.  There are quirky little ports all up and down the coast that shaped my fondest memories of youth.  And then there are the inland lakes.  My sister now lives on one and I spent my brief time there last week enjoying it.  Lakes in Florida frighten me.  There are things in the water that kill.  It took a while to assure myself that wouldn't happen up north, but I soon relaxed.  If I lived on a lake up north I don't think I would own pants.
  •  Daylight.  It lasts a long time.  Because Michigan lies at the western edge of the eastern time zone, the sun doesn't set until close to 10 P.M.  That offers an awful lot of daylight for those fun, relaxing, stimulating, whatever kinds of things you might do.
  • Cool weather.  I heard people complaining how hot it was while I was up there, but it seemed like heaven.  I live in the land of 90 plus degrees and gobs of humidity.  Walking to the mailbox takes a toll.  Not so much up north.  Sure, there are stretches of oppressive heat.  But that's what the lake is for.  And sleeping with the windows open?  A rare treat.
  • Food.  Admittedly, there is food virtually everywhere.  There are however, certain things you can't get in certain places and you don't realize you miss them until you can't have them anymore.  One such food is Sander's Bumpy Cake.  To the untrained tongue, this may seem like nothing more than plain chocolate cake with a fudge frosting infused with, well, bumps, of vanilla butter cream.  Oh, you would be so wrong.  I can not set it up.  Just get thyself to Michigan and have a slice.  Other delightful regional fare includes Coney Island hot dogs, Big Boy hamburgers, Faygo Redpop, Better Made potato chips, and on and on and on...
  •  Familiarity.  Knowing your way around offers more than a feeling of security.  It offers a sense of belonging.  I've lived in Florida ten years and am really only familiar with the places I frequent.  Not so up north.  I didn't learn my way around.  I lived my way around.  I miss it.
This is just a glimpse.  Short as it was, I rather enjoyed my visit, despite having to travel to get there.  And, even though my sister dug her sour cream encrusted fork all through our shared fajitas, I will go back.  I'm just ordering for one next time.


April said...

I understand completely. Fortunately, I don't live too far from where I grew up now. But when I lived in NY and was further away, there were so many things about home I didn't realize I missed so much until I was there.

Of course, I was always ready to go back to NY by the end of my visit, mostly b/c of the high dose of family which I love...but which becomes an overdose very quickly.

Ted Cross said...

Yep, I sure miss the familiar things I love about home (Arizona for me). However, I can't go back, as my wife can't take the heat. I have to find another state to settle in at some point.

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Amy Saia said...

Sounds great! All the lakes (with no murderous creatures!), and the whole open window thing made me smile. And that picture of the chocolate cake is KILLING me. YUM.

Bossy Betty said...

Love vacations!
Love getting back home too!

What in the world was your sister thinking?

Erica Chapman said...

Aw, you came up here?? Dang. Sounds like you had a good time. The grass is always greener isn't it? Here I want to get out of here and you're just sayin' all these nice things about it... I love Michigan in the Spring/Summer, it's really the best. My wish is to live here in the summers and leave in the winters (there's a reason they all (snowbirds) do that here!) Yes, they have a name... LOL. YOu may have known that. Anyhoo, glad you enjoyed it here.

Let me know next time you come up, dude, we can grab coffee or somethin'.

Hope all is well, I've been an awful blogger, summer is hard to keep up with!

Take care, Er