Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun With My Father-in-law...

...Wait.  That's not right.

You Can't Use Sarcasm. He Doesn't Get It.

No.  That doesn't quite capture the essence.  I know.

Things I'm More Than Capable Of But Have No Desire To Do So The Mrs. Calls In Her Dad?

Or maybe...

I Am A Moron Just Like His Own Son.

Too obvious.

Put Down The Damn Sudoku Puzzle!

How about,

Do You Want To Go Anywhere?  No I'm Fine.  What Do You Want To Eat?  Whatever You Want Is Fine.  Is There Anything You'd Like To Do While You're Here?  I'm Fine.

Getting close.

24 Hours Without Sleep.  Flew All Night Across The Country So I Could Get Home In Time To Drive Him Back To The Airport.

One more.  I think this is it.

Here For A Week.  Need A Week To Recover.


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Family....the tie that binds!