Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrity Brush-Past Of The Day

A trip to the doctor resulted in a prescription for Mrs. Sarcasm and a popcorn craving for myself.  Our local Target didn't have the medicine we needed, but they have a very nice deal on popcorn and pop.  Two CVSs later, an older dude shuffled past, wearing a half-open shirt and a goatee.

"That was Barney Miller," I said.

"It did look like him," said Mrs. Sarcasm, sounding like she thought I was nuts.

But I know a fake New York cop when I see one.  And when we sat down to wait for our pregnant lady pills, enjoying our popcorn and pop, the pharmacist commented that all we needed was a movie.

So I said, "I thought I just saw Hal Linden.  Maybe he could come back and do a show."

"Yeah, that was him," said the pharmacist.  "He comes in here a lot."

"Are you kidding?" exclaimed Mrs. Sarcasm, now sounding disappointed I was not nuts.

Now, I do not live in what anyone would describe as a celebrity mecca, but apparently this particular CVS is something of a magnet for the rich and sort-of famous.  Perhaps because it's close to an expensive stretch of beach and the pharmacist respects their privacy.  I rethought that after the pharmacist ticked off a list of who's who that you might have heard of, or know of someone who might be related to someone else.

People like Hal Linden.  The Cake Boss's mom.  Enzo Ferrari, owner of Ferrari. Some cat who apparently owns all the car dealerships in Florida.  I'm sure there would have been more, but our prescription was ready.

This isn't our regular store.  In fact, we live on the other side of town, but if this writing and flying thing doesn't work out, maybe I'll have a go as a paparazzo. 


Jeanne said...

I don't know how you recognized him but he looks a lot different to me. I would have walked past him. Good eyeballs M.C.Before long you'll be the celebrity everyone is checking out.

Tara Tyler said...

Wow, where the retired tv stars and rich car people live. Lucky!