Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Expo Vs. Boomer Expo

A year ago, I stopped by Boomer Expo to support an author friend selling her book to old people.  It was among the more amusing events I had ever attended.  This past weekend, with fatherhood looming, I went to Baby Expo.

A few comparisons:

At Baby Expo, vendors set out samples of their products.  Little kids take these things, because they are little kids and don't know any better.

At Boomer Expo, vendors also set out samples and old people take these things because old people hoard and steal.  My friend had little candies on her table.  They took the candies.  She also had it decorated with Mardi Gras-style beads.  They stole the beads.  No one bought her books.

At Baby Expo you dodge strollers.  At Boomer Expo you dodge wheelchairs and walkers and hovearounds.

Baby Expo has races for  kids on wheeliehorses.  Boomer Expo had Sean Connery and Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes.  Both dudes!

At Baby Expo you can get a free 3D ultrasound that shows a clear image of your child-to-be.  At Boomer Expo you can get free cancer or diabetes screening.

At Baby Expo you can try out strollers.

At Boomer Expo you can try out a casket.

The End.


Tara Tyler said...

But I bet at both you could find someone drooling...ha ha. good comparison =)

MC Howe said...

That is a good one Tara. Wish I'd come up with it.

April said...

Oh too funny. And kinda...scary. I don't want to think about my parents turning back into children...

Faith said...

Huh... that sounds... bizarre. I can't say I'd ever consent to go to either... lol.

Jeanne said...

Excellent compare and contrast. I also like the drool part. Now really, was Marilyn Monroe a dude? Are you sure? I guess I was too busy guarding my Mardi Gras dollar store necklaces.

Chris Phillips said...

I want to go to baby expo more because at least the obnoxious kids have an excuse, whereas the codgers don't.