Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Published!

I teased some big news a couple weeks ago.  My first short story, The Forty-eight Dollar and Thirty-nine Cent Christmas Card, is featured in Journeys IV An Anthology of Award Winning Short Stories.

You know those little envelopes that fall out of your morning newspaper a few weeks before Christmas?  The ones pre-addressed to the delivery guy, with a little slot for a Christmas tip he's already decided you owe him?  George's mission to tip the paper delivery guy is fraught with sticky locks, confusing cold medicine and one nosy caterer.

And heck, there are a whole bunch of short stories besides mine.  Click the link above to order it today.  It will be available from on Friday, September 16.

Journeys IV

An Anthology of Award-Winning Short Stories

Authored by Multiple Award Winning Authors
Edited by Mary Lois Sanders

A rainy night in Tampa; a special gift; a link to life; a Christmas card; an old wardrobe; a critique; a sci-fi fantasy; a granddaughter's love; monsters; super heroes; heroes; family reunions; death; adventures in the jungle or in a trash dump, an afternoon for lemonade and mystery ...

Creative Writer's Notebook presents the winners and honorable mention honorees from its 2010 Short Story Competition.

Immerse yourself in an afternoon of pleasure, all from the creative minds of these talented writers.


Traci said...

That's amazing! Congrats to you!!

Michael Offutt said...

Yes, congratulations!

Jeanne said...

Oh that is cool that Mary Lois edited it for you. I met her at an SCBWI conference, when I entered their contest. Isn't it a good feeling to have your work in print? Another way to give birth! Congrats!