Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings Time Goof

This was a few years ago, but worth reporting, since I just read an article about a bunch of other people's screw-ups.

You'll recall from reading this blog so closely, there was a time I was based in Atlantic City for my airline whilst living in Florida.  This meant I had to fly up there to report for work and fly all my trips out of New Jersey.  The only plus to this was that nearly every layover Atlantic City crews had were in Ft. Lauderdale.  This meant getting paid to sleep at home.

One such layover fell on the night of Daylight Savings Time, in this case in the spring, when we set our clocks forward.  As much as I was grateful for the chance to sleep in my own bed, setting the clocks ahead one hour made an already short night (something like a 5 AM report time) even shorter.  Still, I dutifully changed all the clocks before going to sleep and settled in for what I assumed to be a fitful night, since I never sleep well knowing I have to be up soon.

Strange thing was, the night really dragged on.  I recall waking up in the middle of the night feeling very rested only to discover I still had several hours left to sleep.  It felt like a gift.  That was, until the phone rang.

Crew Scheduling was curious as to my whereabouts, since it was just about departure time and I was nowhere in sight.  It was in that moment I realized that when I'd set all the clocks, I had actually set them back instead of forward, thus accounting for those extra hours of sleep.

Fortunately the Crew Scheduler seemed more amused than angry, and I assured him I would get there as fast as possible.  I don't recall how late the flight left, but I was greeted by more than one set of rolling eyes from the rest of the crew.  Living in New Jersey, they had all gone to the hotel, where it was easy to spot someone not in the lobby at van time.

These days, I'm careful to take the Daylight Savings Day off.

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