Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Wrong Pants, Part Two

When we moved to Florida, eleven years ago, there was a couple of weeks when I traveled back and forth between both worlds. Our clothes were scattered and mixed together amongst a number of suitcases. During one of these trips I pulled a pair of jeans, the only pants I had, out of a bag only to discover they belonged to Mrs. Sarcasm.

Well what could I do? I had no other clothes so I squeezed into those lady jeans and held my breath the next six hours. I can't recall if I was able to button them but it left an un-erasable memory.

So now we're in the process of moving back up north. And once again I'm traveling back and forth for a few weeks. This week I'm back in Florida, so of course I need some shorts. I tossed a pair in my bag and when I tried to put them on this morning, sure enough, they belonged to Mama Sarcasm.

It seems there's a bit more of me than eleven years ago. So no shorts for me but I certainly feel I've come full circle.

At least I have my velour suits.


Travener said...

There's probably some deep life lesson in all of this.

Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

All that travelling would make me tired.