Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky 7

Someone out there started a meme.  I saw Erica do it over at Laugh.Write.Play.  I've never done one but what the hell!

Wanna partake?  Go to page 77 of your current manuscript, down to line 7 and post the next 7 lines on your blog.

Here's mine:

Whether or not the so-called Spring Break Senorita is the nun some of these students, some of the boys anyway, have referred to as Sister Very Pretty, the future of this Catholic school, with sagging enrollment, is sure to be a lot more colorful in the coming days.”
The camera lingered on the kids.  As Tony tried to disappear into the crowd, Seymour spied Mike Jeffers.  Tony’s back was to the camera, but it seemed the boys’ eyes locked.  For a moment, but only a moment, Mike wore an expression of fear, hatred and something Seymour did not expect.  Vengeance.  Whoever was responsible, and Mike’s eyes suggested he knew who


J.W. Alden said...
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Steven J. Wangsness said...

This sounds like it involves actual work, but OK. You can find part of page 77 of Tainted Souls (warning: not the most riveting part) here: http://sjwangsness.blogspot.com/

Jeanne said...

What is a meme?

MC Howe said...

Jeanne - I'm not sure exactly what a meme is, which may be why I've avoided them. I think its one of those deals where everybody does the same thing according to specific rules. At least that's what I did here.