Monday, February 8, 2010

LIES - A Gone Novel, by Michael Grant

I promised this a few weeks ago and considered setting up a separate blog because these will be long posts.  But why send you all over creation?  I discovered how to set up extra pages on this blog.  Yay me!  You’re here.  Stay awhile.  Click the link on the right side bar to read LIES.


Heidi Willis said...

What a very cool idea! Both putting the first chapters of the book her in extra pages on your blog (yay you!) and the very cool idea behind the books (yay Michael!).

I look forward to reading these books!

Matt said...

And he's a very cool guy. Thanks for stopping by.

GoneFan~TheFAYZ said...

Cheers for posting the chapters, were looking forward to reading them at :D

Michael's son posting the link to your blog on the forum


Matt said...

Thanks GoneFan. I might just put the rest of the preview up. No sense making you wait.

GoneFan~TheFAYZ said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much Matt - you rule :D