Monday, February 22, 2010

What Would Larry Do #6 - Post #95

Don't forget The 99 Follwers Challenge - There's still time.

If this blog were an 80's television network, this would be a shameless crossover post. What Would Larry Do meets All About The Neighbors. In the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen invite Larry and his wife to a Paul Simon concert in their luxury suite. But as the night draws near, Larry has yet to hear from Ted about the details of the concert. He becomes quite concerned he's been uninvited, but bowing to etiquette, refuses to call Ted to ask, correctly surmising that doing so would make him a schmuck.

During my road trip with Howard, he mentioned that his company has a luxury suite for Miami Heat basketball games and invited me and Mrs. Sarcasm to a game next week. The problem is, I checked the schedule. There's no game on the night he specified, but there are two other games that week. And, just like Larry, I've yet to hear from Howard the details.

As I see it, there are several possibilities:
  1. Howard forgot.
  2. I did something to piss Howard, or more likely Moira, off.
  3. Howard is full of crap.
  4. The tickets got lost amongst the debris in their house and he's too embarrassed to admit it.*
I know what Larry did in this situation.  I don't even care about the game.  I just want to see how Howard handles this.  If he handles it.  But I'm no schmuck.  If I were, I would have asked my sister to take me to a Detroit Pistons game (a team I would actually root for) when she had a luxury suite.

*Unlikely, given his penchant for hosting parties amidst the mess.  While embarrassment should live next door, it doesn't.


Matt Ryan said...

Matt -

Is it possible that Howard got the wrong week? Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Also, good luck on your 100 followers goal. I'm doing the opposite and trying to keep mine at 1 until I hit 100 posts.

Matt said...

Matt - You leave me in a conundrum. I feel compelled to oblige, yet at the same time, I don't want to leave you with just one follwer. What to do? What to do?

I think I'll..

Sierra Godfrey said...

Matt Ryan, tell you what. You come follow MY blog and comment on my posts and I will look at your blog often and not follow you. Deal?

Angela said...

I say #4, but if he's called on it, he'll say #1. 0_o

Jonathon Arntson said...

Gosh, I have been unintentionally MIA here, I feel bad. Ive missed the humor and specialness you bring. I never did discover the finale to your IKEA or wherever fiasco. I'll start backlog reading soon.

Congrats on the followers! I thought my 75 followers contest was weird enough, 99 is just ballsy.

I have unfollowed a few people. When I take the time to comment on someone's blog, I figure they'll at least respond to my comment or say hi on my blog, but after a month, I'll unfollow someone that gives no love. I'm here for networking, but dead ends should be trimmed.

Erica said...

I bet he forgot. Sounds like a Howard thing to do, or he was saying it to impress you, and realized he didn't have them to give, or something? Should be interesting...