Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let It Be. Please. Please Let It Be.

If you haven't been to Awkward Family Photos, do stop by.  It's good for a daily laugh at, well, awkward family photos.  Today, however, they posted this video.  It's a bit different and left me with a few questions.

1. How can Lou Ferigno, who is deaf, keep better time than speed skater Dan Jansen?
2. When did Kelly McGillis become a woman again?
3.  Why?  Oh, why?


Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Thanks for the suggestion - I love to laugh. I will go by awkward family photos now.

Speaking of laughs - OMG did you hear about the lady in the U.K. who called the cops because someone stole her SNOWMAN?? I ranted about it on my blog today... too funny. Anyways if you get time let me know what you think.

Jeanne said...

Lou Ferrigno did not do that well. Look again. Dan Jansen....defintely needs some rhythm...THis is a great video. THanks for sharing.