Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

My friend Prissy Bower, having forgotten he lived in South Florida for a number of years, asked if people down here put up inflatable (and dare I say lazy) Christmas decorations.

Yes.  Yes they do.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Adam said...

Merry Christmas!!! :D

Hope it's a good 'un!


The Happy Whisk said...

Holy candy canes, Batman. That's one big Santa.

Amy Saia said...

Where's the house?

MC Howe said...

Merry Christmas Adam!

Merry Christmas Wonder Woman!

Merry Christmas Amy!

The house is about a mile from me. I took this picture two years ago. Went back last year and it was the same. I flew over it last night.

MC Howe said...

Right next to the street light, on the roof, is an inflatable helicopter. I guess that's how Santa gets around in the 21st century.

Travener said...

Those are the kind of people you're glad exist -- as long as they don't live next door to you.

Merry Christmas, dude.

Jeanne said...

Wow! Merry Christmas M.C.