Monday, December 20, 2010

So Now What Do I Do?

I've been reading some of the books a certain agent I want to query represents.  One I liked.  The other, I've just started, but so far...meh!

Assuming I get through it, and find that this agent is, in fact, a good fit, then what?  What are we supposed to say in our queries to let these agents know we've actually done our homework, without coming right out and saying it, and at the same time, not taking away precious words about our own books?


Jeanne said...

I am not sure what you mean by "Not taking away precious words from our own books."

Send me what you have and I will add my 2 cents. For what it's worth.

MC Howe said...

I don't have anything, other than the standard query. It's not tailored for any particular agent yet.

Kristin Rae said...

I'm not sure coming right out and saying it is such a bad thing, is it? If you admire a particular author they represent, let them know it! Is your writing in a similar vein as a project they represent? Let them know it!

That's what I'd do anyway--but obviously you are much farther into the process than I :)

Good luck to you!

Amy Saia said...

Just say, "I read your profile on so and so's website and thought my query would make a great fit, or, I read you represent these type of books—some of my favorites, or, I found your website and was very impressed!

It doesn't have to be more than a simple sentence. Everyone likes to be complimented, and most of all it shows you did your research.

Good luck!

Ted Cross said...

I would just focus on the book they rep that you did like.

Holly Ruggiero said...

Good question. I like what Amy and Ted said, maybe a combination of both?