Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who To Query? Or Is It Whom?

Irregardless, which is not a word, but irks Mama Sarcasm when I use it, I'm slowly getting back to querying.  The question isn't really which agent I should query.  I shall query any and all agents offering a modicum of interest, which is to say, I shall query all agents.  I don't know who's going to be interested, after all.  But I wondered what kind of agent is more attractive.  Is it the established agent with years of experience, multiple clients and a long list of contacts?  Or is it the new agent, just starting out and trying to build a client list?

There is good and bad about both.  And truthfully, I do not know.  I'm just hoping to query the agent that likes my story and will best represent it, and me.

What say you?


Jeanne said...

Sometimes the only agents that you can find with an opening are the new ones. That is how my friend got an agent. He was just starting out and she contacted him right away. She eventually left him but he led to one contract and then that book led to several others. So for her, it worked out.
They say to be absolutely certain that you and your agent will mesh. I think that is a little difficult. After all, you don't know everything at the beginning with an agent. In the long run, it doesn't matter how long they have been at it. They have to like your book so it is important to find that perfect match.

Travener said...

The best of all worlds is probably the young, new agent at a smallish or medium-sized agency. They need to build a list, but presumably can drawn on the expertise of the agency's principals to help place your book. Also good, I'd think, would be an experienced agent striking out on his/her own with a new agency.

Like I know what I'm talking about...