Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Jan Terri Christmas

I give all the credit to Cary at List of the Day for turning me on to music video sensation Jan Terri.  If you're not familiar, come out from under your rock.  As a music lover, I can't say enough about what Jan means to the world, so I thought it was important during this special time of the year, I share this special treat.  Top notch production values.  Inspiring lyrics.  That rock and roll look.  Jan has it all.  Or had it.  Wikipedia says she's dead, but I can't confirm it.  Just be glad we had her for a little while.

Rock and Roll Santa

And if you still want more

Arguably Jan's biggest hit - Losing You

For those still thinking about Halloween - Get Down Goblin

There's more.  I know you want it.
Jan Terri

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