Thursday, December 17, 2009

Police Women Of Broward County

If anyone missed this show, it aired over the summer on TLC.  I found it fascinating, mostly because it took place in 1034452_com_policewomemy own backyard and it was fun identifying the neighborhoods where all the drug busts  went down.  Not that I live in a drug infested area, but I read somewhere that Broward County has the highest percentage of illegal prescription drugs in circulation.

These chicks are all pretty tough cops, and I’m glad they’re on the beat, but of course now they’re starting to cash in on their celebrity.  Our local paper ran a blurb that a couple of these babes are signing autographs at a casino just around the block.  I suppose it beats getting shot at.  Anyone wanpolicewomenofbroward_andrea_beach3na wager how long before Detective Penoyer  shows up in Playboy?

Well, the funny part, at least to me, is that the other blonde, Detec48484852tive J ulie Bower, often poses as a prostitute, using her big boobs and big hair to nab big douchebags.  One episode showed her heading to her hair salon, and I had to pause the TiVo because, lo and behold, it was right next door to our local supermarket.  Well, what small business wouldn’t want free advertising on national tv, right?

Except I noticed this past weekend, they went out of business.  I wonder why.


K.M. said...

Sexy mullet on the blonde at the bottom.

Bethany Wiggins said...


Angela said...

That last pic reminds me of Dog's wife sans the massively big knockers.

Matt said...

Angela - Funny you should say that. The site I ripped that pic from had the caption - "Dog called. He wants his hair back."