Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is This Becoming A Problem?

My one year blogiversary is coming up.  To pin down the exact date I went through my old posts and discovered some had far more comments than is the norm here.  I've noticed some spam in my last couple of posts.  This has never been a problem before, but it seems it's becoming one.  I hope not, because the last thing I want is a spam filter.  I hate word verification.  You finish composing this incredibly deep and meaningful comment, hit enter and then -zap- you're right back where you started.  Even more than that, though, I hate the idea of seeing spam and then having to delete it.

I saw where Blogger has put together a new spam filter that supposedly dumps anything it deems untoward in a separate folder.  Thus far I haven't seen mine.  Now, I may just be trying to build myself up into something far bigger than my little presence on this world wide web, but I'd like to keep comments free from scrutiny by The Man.  Especially since I am The Man and don't wish to be bothered by it.

For those of you using comment moderation, how much spam do you get?

P.S.  I've been writing today.  Still waiting on my last beta to get back to me on Skully, so I've started a new story (long or short?  I can't decide) about ghosts in Savannah.  Fun times.


Kara Mustafa said...

Ghosts in Savannah sounds awesome. (Fyi, I don't have word verification or comment moderation and I don't get spammed. Hmm.)

Jeanne said...

Ghosts in do dabble in a bit of everything, don't you? I have no spam either, but I hardly have that many comments yet!

Matt said...

For the record, I just changed my settings from anyone, which allows anonymous commenting, to registered only. Perhaps that's all I needed to do.

Ted Cross said...

I use registered only, and I have only had one spam message so far. I don't get loads of viewers, though, either.

Amy Saia said...

Never had any spam, except one time with a short story contest shout-out. No outside stuff though.