Thursday, August 5, 2010

Right-Click That Mouse

There's a new blog in blogland.  Captive Audience.  Her latest post involves strange and seldom celebrated, unknown holidays.  Do check it out.  My friend and fellow author (can I say fellow author when I haven't been published?) had me help set it up, basically, by copying mine.  I thought it looked quite snazzy, then she dressed it up with a mint background and it looks even better.

Jeanne has a twisted sense of humor, displayed throughout her newest book, Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants.

So, I'm over there teaching Jeanne, a teacher, how to change her layout, add gadgets, post links, etc...And I'm becoming ever more frustrated by a couple of things.  One, she never closes a damn window.  I think I'm a little OCD because I can't stand clutter, even so far as not having any icons on my computer desktop.  One window at a time please.  Close when done.

The other thing I noticed: every time Jeanne wanted to add a link to her blog, she went up to the address bar, highlighted the link by holding down her mouse and dragging it across the entire address.  Then, she went up to file, scrolled down to copy.  Then when placing the link, she clicked file again, then scrolled down to paste.

Now, as long as that paragraph took you to read, I sat through numerous repetitions.  Finally, I said, "Right click it."


"Right click."

"What does that mean?"

Next came a challenging lesson, reminiscent of last week's teaching my mother-in-law how to use an iPod.  But Jeanne actually is computer savvy, and she uses a Mac, so 10 points there.  But how long can a person use a mouse and not know about the right-click?  - 20.

Now, Jeanne still works, so she can't be offended by what I'm about to propose.  But for society's sake, here's a new rule.  Upon retirement, everyone must surrender their technology.

Let's make the world a safer place.


Jeanne said...

You are absolutely right but it is one of the charming things about being a Baby Boomer. We are not required to be techno-savvy because there are lots of young men around to do it for us. Our next lesson will be on TV remotes. That'll pull your hair out.
Oh and also, just because you showed it to me today does not mean I will be using it tomorrow. And my clutter will probably stay on the desktop. There is something about having everything out in front of me that makes me happy! Loved your help today.Thanks!

Bossy Betty said...

OH. You would be really frustrated with my computer habits. Don't worry, my sons are training me, (but I don't really think it's working.)