Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Thinking Of A Challenge

How about ten thousand words in a week?

As an airline pilot, I have lots of downtime in hotels. I'm on a four day trip right now that could almost result in ten thousand words a day. Two long layovers in Washington DC followed by an even longer layover in Detroit. The problem is I have friends and family in both places. And it's not acting like October up here, which means Im not getting any writing done on this trip.

So I'm thinking next week, or some time in the coming weeks, I will challenge myself to write ten thousand words in one week's time. The kind of momentum that would result in would be awesome. I just read an article with Danielle Steele where they asked which of her 113 books was her favorite.

Excuse me? What the frak did they just say?

113 books? In one adult lifetime?

And they must not suck either because apparently half a billion people have read them.

So I'm thinking ten thousand in a week wouldn't be a bad start.

Anyone game?


Ted Cross said...

I had a two week period once when I did 50,000 words. I don't recommend it, though. It was frenzied.

Lt. Cccyxx said...

I've probably come close once or twice, but only on "staycation" weeks when I had no work and had all day to myself at home. When I had a month off between jobs I wrote nearly 20,000 words...but that only works out to about 5,000 per week (not all those weeks were equal, though).

I disagree, btw, with this:
And they must not suck either because apparently half a billion people have read them.

No correlation.

Jeanne said...

I also disagree with "and they don't suck" because most of the DS books I ever read were formulaic. Now, yes, it would be nice to sell 113, but all of the same book, with just different characters? Naw!

Travener said...

Isaac Asimov claimed he wrote at 90 words a minute.
Not typed. Wrote.