Monday, January 10, 2011

Free With Your $80 Purchase

Last night, flying into Orlando, I spied a colorfully bright explosion out my genuine airline pilot window.  Must be Disney's nightly fireworks display, I thought, and rested my head in my hands to enjoy.  It was 9 PM.  At 9:03 it was over.  A few minutes later, another began a short distance from the first.  It was Epcot, where a fountain of liquid fire shot toward the sky.  This lasted all of two minutes.  I was bummed.  Then I thought of all the poor saps who schlepped their entire broods, kids included, shelling out hundreds of dollars (at $80 per person) and thinking they were getting such a great deal.  Sure, the parks are crowded.  The food is overpriced.  The kids don't know how to behave.  Parking is $14 per vehicle.  But at least the fireworks are free.  Just don't blink.


Dana Elmendorf said...

Ha! Disney is an evil warlord, I am sure of it. :o)

Travener said...

You forgot to mention that Pirates of the Caribbean is always "undergoing maintenance."