Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nathan Bransford's First Paragraph Challenge

I'm not normally one to link to contests, but for aspiring writers, more specifically, querying aspiring writers, this is a good one to check out.  No need to enter (although I did; entry #628 out of thus far 724 entries) but it is a great lesson in humility for anyone wondering why you might have gotten that rejection letter, or, more likely, no response at all.  It gives a new appreciation for what agents and editors face on a daily basis.  Just reading through a few of them, I saw how fast that no could pop onto an agent's lips.  Some were interesting enough I clicked the link to the author's blog, which I think is pretty good.

At any rate, you should check it out.  But be warned, you may start to question everything you believe about your own writing.


Patti said...

It seems everything I'm reading today is making me question my own writing, but still I'm going to go check out this link. It can only help - right?

Holly Ruggiero said...

I read though some and I say 1 out of 10 had me interested. Some other may have but I needed more.

Amy Saia said...

I posted mine early on yesterday, but saw I had a mistake. Argh! How did I not see it all these months?!

MC Howe said...

Patti - Don't worry. Hopefully it's designed to make you recognize your weaknesses so you can correct them.

Holly - It's easy to dismiss them when there are so many to pick through.

Amy - I saw yours and liked it. Didn't notice any mistakes.

Kate said...

i'm now number 1135. with this many entries, i have zero hope of winning.