Thursday, January 6, 2011

Querying Next Monday

A certain agent has returned from the holidays deluged in an avalanche of queries from which they are not expected to dig out until Monday.  This is even stated on their blog.

"If I were a writer, I’d wait and send next Monday when we are back to normal levels."

Now, I took advantage of the holiday break, I knew this agent was taking, in order to read some of the books they represent in my genre.  Turns out I liked them both so, win for me.  If they take me as a client, win win.

But it seems to me, if everyone takes this agent's advice and waits until Monday, will they not be once again deluged in yet another avalanche of queries from which they will need to be rescued?  Alas, my query needs to be a gleaming shovel to which they can latch on and be pulled from the mire of talentless hacks mucking up the slopes before them.  Yes, I will clear a path that leads them to the promised land of multiple offers, nay, a bidding war; a three picture deal and endless speaking engagements worldwide.  Oprah will devote a show on her new network just to me.  Not just a show, an award winning series that delves deep into the mind of my literary and creative genius.  College courses will be offered.  My avatar will become a postage stamp.  A holiday will be named in my honor.  They will read my query and give thanks that Monday has come.

Or I'll probably get another form rejection.  Either way, Monday's coming up.  I better write the thing.


Holly Ruggiero said...

There you go! Great positive thinking!

M.J.A. Ware said...

I was this post as well. She's a great agent. I have a request for a full, but then got a R.

Hopefully, you'll have better luck! You might send your query in late Sunday night? Just an idea.

Jeanne said...

Oh the stress! What a pain. It is not the writing that is the problem....