Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cleveland Sucks

The Cleveland Indians that is. I like the city. How many people have ever said that? I'm in Detroit (my hometown) on a layover so I get to watch the Tigers/Indians game on the telly. All I'm seeing is Detroit homeruns.

Over the summer I visited some dear friends who live in Cleveland and we went to an Indians game. There was a photographer taking fan pictures to put on the Indan's website. My friend was so embarrassed to be at the game he refused to let the guy take his picture. But I am now considered a True Fan and you can see my pic here. (since I don't know how to steal pics off the web)

True Fans

In case any old friends take a look, my face may appear a bit rounder than you remember, but at least those aren't my thighs.

And the Tigers just scored again.


Cinders said...

Cleveland may suck, but now Detroit is playing Chicago (White Sox)...ugh!

By the way, I'm from the Detroit area. Nice

Matt said...

Let's just hope Detroit doesn't blow it again, like they did in 06. It's looking like they might. And no wild card this year.
Thanks for stopping by Cinders. I have a question. What's soft sci-fi?

Cinders said...

Hard SF is more technical and more about the science. Soft is more concerned with character, society, or other speculative ideas that are not tied to scientific issues.

Anyway, I think it would be nice if the Tigers could just win their division..God