Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow, I'm having some week.  First Erica picked me as her first ever link of the week, now I've been given the Kreativ Blogger award by Julie Dao at Silver Lining.  Thanks gals.

The rules are:
1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger picture and post it on your page.
2. Thank the person that gave the award to you and link back to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about you that we don't know.
4. Choose 7 other bloggers that you would like to give the award to.
5. Link to the bloggers that you chose.
6. Let your winners know that they have the lovely award!

Traci at Writer's Corner - Started blogging the same day as me and was my first ever follower.  She knows a thing or two about writing (enough to teach it), and she's smart too.

Erica at Laugh.Write.Play. - If for no othe reason than she's a long suffering Detroit Lions fan who won't give up.  And she's got some cool things to say.

Jm Diaz at An Ulterior Motive - He's sarcastic like me.  It's what my blog would be like.  If I were bald.

Kara at Moomurs(Better than Rumors) - I just discovered this blog in recent days.  I like it because she's young and smart and reminds me of when I was young and stupid.

Cary at List of the Day - The blog I followed before I knew what blogs were.  Need a laugh?  Offended easily?  Check it out anyway.

Lost Wanderer at Lost Wanderer's Writing Blog - She's a Brit who named her laptop Finn.  I think she'll go online with it.

Kathy at It Bloggles the Mind - A cool chick with a neat take on life.  I love the pictures.

And, seven things you don't know about me.
1. I abhor creamy white condiments.
2. I'm a good singer, but too insecure to prove it.
3. My favorite flavor Gatorade is red.
4. I miss the smell of the Great Lakes.
5. I'm an airline pilot and I'm afraid of heights.  And roofs.  And ladders.
6. I have an irrational fear someone's going to toss their cigarette out their car window and it's going to get sucked into my gas tank and blow me up.
7. I still like to put potato chips in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Traci said...

Too cool, Matt - congrats and thanks for the award!! :-)

Traci said...

And your #6 made me LOLOLOL

Wendy Sparrow said...

I've never worried about #6 before now, but I will from here on out. Wait... do you not have a gas tank cap?

I'm afraid of heights too. I didn't used to be. I'm also afraid of flying, though--mostly the takeoffs and landings, but I hear those are crucial.

Erica said...

Thanks Matt! You're too kind... and yes, sadly I will always be a Lions fan :)

BTW- Your 7 things are hilarious. I can't believe you're afraid of heights and you're a pilot! I can sign too- but- I am well out of training!!

Thanks again :)

Lost Wanderer said...

I love your descriptions of people. And as for Finn, he is still offline, and will remain so. I have strong will-power (actually, I have 3 computers :P)

Ok 5, I get it. Because I don't like heights, but I actually like travelling in planes.

number 6...I agree. It's irrational. :P

Lost Wanderer said...

Oh and thank you for the award. It's so sweet. :)

Cary said...

Thanks, Matt. I appreciate the award and the link. Adding you to my blogroll now if that's ok.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Matt said...

Thanks Cary. I figure you've been around a while and probably have one or two of these. I just love my LOTD.

Kara said...

Thank you!! Glad to know someone appreciates what a loony I am :)

Jm Diaz said...

Awwe shucks Matt... I think you're sarcastic too. Pensivley so, in fact. Thanks for the award!
Oh, and I let my hair grow back, for now. ;)

Kathy said...

Thank you for the award! That's really nice.

I like to sing, too. I do an awesome Cher imitation.

And yeah, I hate it when people throw cigarettes out of their cars. I figure if oil or gas is leaking out of my car, it might blow up.