Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm struggling to revise my WIP. I'm struggling because I thought my work in progress was my work finished. I'm struggling to decide if it needs revision. I'm wondering if I should take up the challenge of NaNoWriMo. Part of the problem is staring at the page, seeing all that I've put there already and deciding what to change, what to leave, what to move around, or whether to do it at all. Part of me, a big part today, thinks I should just start over. I don't want to change the story. I think it's pretty good, but maybe the notion of creating something, even something that's already been created, is the motivation I need. With my work schedule I should have no problem writing 50K in a month. But do I want to? Or need to? That's why I'm stuck.


Lost Wanderer said...

My opinion regarding your WIP is leave it alone for a week or so, and do something else. Or if you plan to do NaNo, then leave it alone for whole number, and come back to it after your are done with the NaNo book. Then look at it and see if you feel it needs revision or not. I think you need to look at the material with fresh eyes to make a sound judgement.

Erica said...

I agree- step away for a bit. I'm doing that exact thing. I'm at the beginning of rewriting my WIP too. I'm planning on starting a new story with NaNo then going back to my WIP after November.

Good Luck with whatever you decide :)