Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everglades Day

Today couldn't have been more perfect (unless I hadn't had to work this morning) so we headed to our favorite wildlife preserve and took a few pictures.  I hope these warm you up, wherever you are.

There's a great horned owl in these trees.  Can you find it?  Click on the picture for full size.

The great egret takes flight

Camouflage at work.  Can you spot the green anole?
 UPDATE: Since some of you may have no idea what a green anole is, here is one you can acutally see.  I didn't take this one.

Now try finding mine

A pile-O-turtles, a glossy ibis and an alligator soaking up the sun

Just a bunch of weeds, but man, what color!

A great blue heron teeters in the wind


Kara said...

Beautiful pictures- I couldn't spot the green creature though. I looked for a while, too. Fail.

Amy Saia said...

Why are you making me work so hard on Monday morning??? I think the owl is right in the middle of the picture, and the green thing is like the stick thingy in front of the leaves.

Cool pictures. I love the egret in flight!

Matt said...

Kara - Keep looking.

Amy - Good job finding the owl. I had to make sure it was in the middle of the picture when I took it so I could find it myself later. Now, about the green anole. My wife pointed out that most people probably don't know what a green anole is, and you thinking it's the stick thingy proves my point. I guess I'll have to post a pic of one up so everyone can see what they're looking for.

Nicole Ducleroir said...

COOL pics! I found the owl, which was gorgeous. Did I see the little green guy's foot? You live in paradise, that's for sure!

Have a great week!

Matt said...

Nicole - It is paradise today. Too bad I have to be in New York tonight.

You may have seen a foot. When I showed it to my wife, she thought his knee was his head.

Kirsten Lesko said...

Definitely feeling warmed up :)

Amy Saia said...


Tina Lynn said...

I'm pretty warm where I am, but thanks for the thought. I guess it actually got hot today. The hubby had to use the A/C in the car.