Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Awards - Post #98

Only two posts to go before The 99 Followers Challenge ends.  I'm not doing too well, so if you want to win, get out there and round up some more peeps.  Remember, it pays to get here early.  If I don't make it to 99 followers by my 100th post, I'll sing a sad, sad song.

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I think I'll eat some worms

My apologies to my friends Tina-Lynn and Erica, both of whom bestowed blog awards my way in the past few weeks.  I've been negligent in my acceptance, so here goes:

First, Tina-Lynn over at Sweet Niblets was kind enough to give me the the Happy 101 Award.  Tina-Lynn's a super lady with a super neat blog.  And she's currently featured as the first ever Beta Blogger over at Fiction Groupie.  Go read an excerpt from Tina-Lynn's WIP.  It's pretty good, even though I didn't comment there.  I'm commenting here.  It's good.

10 things that make me happy.
  1. Singing loud for all to hear.
  2. Tidiness.
  3. Fleece.  If I didn't live in the tropics, I'd drape myself in fleece all day long.
  4. The colors of the sea.
  5. Shamrock shakes.
  6. Losing an entire day to a good book.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Still having all my hair.  And still in the original color.
  9. Mrs. Sarcasm.
  10. The idea that a little Korean kid, maybe in a year or so, will call me Dad.  (Possibly in Korean)
Blogs that make me happy:

Moomers - Kara's working on her query.  Help her out.
A Squirrel Amongst Lions - 'Cause I want to see what Girl With One Eye does with these rules.
Musings of Amber Murphy - This chick's having a birthday but her hubby doesn't know about her blog.
A Rocket In My Pocket - If that blog title doesn't do it for ya, the chick hates pandas.  Seriously.
The Bookshelf Muse - A living, breathing, blogging thesaurus!
Misadventures In Spelling - Forget that she can't spell (really, she's not that bad). Every post comes with a joke.
The Big Litkowski - And I mean this in a good way, sharing Travener's misery makes me happy.

Erica, at Laugh.Write.Play gave me the Creative Writer Award.  Erica's from Michigan, like me, but unlike me, she's still stuck there.  Check her out.  She's got a cool new website too.

This is a fun one.  What follows are six lies and one truth.  Can you guess which one is real?

  1. Early in my Florida years, a pit bull chased me on the beach.  Wishing very much to avoid a mauling, I scrambled up a coconut tree just like Gilligan.  Little did I know, the dog's very apologetic owner was the organizer of the Coconut Scramble, an annual tree climbing competition.  Upon seeing what a dexterous primate I was, he signed me up straightaway, even waiving the entrance fee.  I took fourth place with a time of 34 seconds and won a coupon for a coconut daiquiri. 
  2. For a brief time, I was the fourth lead singer in Van Halen, between Gary Cherone and Sammy Hagar, who returned for one tour in 2004.  We had about half an album's worth of material, but I was forced to leave the group over a dispute involving a spoiled potato left in the studio refrigerator.
  3. While visiting a cousin in New Jersey, I was sent to borrow ice from the next door neighbor.  Instead, I went down the street.  To Whitney Houston's house.  She was out of ice.
  4. While selling insurance door to door, a German Shepherd cornered me on a porch.  I spent 5 hours pinned between the screen door and the front door until the owner came home.
  5. I own a pair of white jeans - my fun jeans - that I used to wear to pick up chicks.  Mrs. Sarcasm made me get rid of them when we started dating, but I had them shrink wrapped and keep them in a trunk in my parent's attic.
  6. In high school, I worked at the McDonald's where the McDLT was invented.  My friend Prissy Bower came up with the idea, though not the slogan, to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool.
  7. I have naturally curly hair.  Like Will Ferrel in Semi-Pro.  I've been using a straightener since I was 17.
These are the bloggers whose lies I'd most like to read:

Cruising Altitude - Though I suspect DL's truths might be more fun.
Where Lady Bugs Roar - Check out Wendy's Flashy Fiction bits.  You know she can lie.
Natalie Bahm - I think Natalie's holding back.  Knock us out!
Kristen Creative - Look at Kristen's eyes.  I don't see an ounce of truth.
Jon's Life.  Or Other Odd People Doing Odd Things. - Jon is one odd duck.


Patti said...

Losing a whole day to a book is awesome until the next day when I have reading hangover.

Kara said...

Thanks for the nod!!! I'm glad my query attempts/ramblings/making fun of people in my classes/being generally offensive makes someone happy!!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

dude! you should have given me the lying one.


i might steal it and do that meme anyway. :)

Kate said...

i would like to thank the acadamy...

DL Hammons said...

Thanks man! I would have responded earlier, but I was busy putting out a three-alarm fire down the street. Oh wait...that lying thing doesn't start yet, does it? :)

Matt said...

Everyone else is welcome.

Amber - Everybody already knows you lie. And ten points off for complaing. Don't be the Evgeny Plushenko of blog awards.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Thanks, man! I posted my six lies and one truth a week or so ago, check em out, just don't read the comments until you've made your guess.

And odd duck, eh? Awesome.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Also, MICHIGAN rocks! So does the state.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

KLM said...

Hey, man, thanks. Although my blog title is Rock in my Pocket, not rocket. Perhaps a change is in order, though? Maybe "Die, Pandas, Die." Also, you might want to check out my new recipes section where I feature stir-fryed panda with baby corn.

I needed an award. I'm having a rollercoaster week of complimentary agent rejections. What's up with that? You'd think the good would balance out the bad but it doesn't. It just sucks.

Matt said...

Sorry about the title goof but a weeks worth of complimentery rejections sounds nice. I've only ever gotten one.

Stir-fry Panda? Hmm... Sounds like lunch.

Natalie said...

Ha, ha! I'm going to go with #7. I think you could be a hair straightening kind of guy.

Thanks Matt! I'll have to come up with some good ones.

Amy Saia said...

I'm going with #7 as well.

Matt said...

7 huh? Well, if that's true, I have the world's greatest straightener.

Come on, keep guessing.

Girl with One Eye said...

Hey thanks for the award! Sorry I didn't catch it earlier. Rules uh, what if I don't follow the rules, you gonna punish me? Maybe I'll do half the rules. I like rules generally, because they keep you safe but blog rules can be weighty.

Erica said...

Shamrock Shakes Rule!!

Thanks for the nice things you said ;o)

Okay I'm going with white pants as the true one ;o)

Matt said...

Erica - I know you want to see me in my fun jeans.