Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cruising Along

I'm on a four day trip with long layovers.  Perfect for writing.  I spent the whole day in Atlantic City fixing some minor issues associated with my new first chapter.  Pretty much everything fits and I have a good chunk of time tomorrow in Fort Myers before work to get the thing ship-shape.

Now, here are the problems. 

1. It's been super nice all week.  I hate looking outside at picture perfect days, especially when there are so few of them left before winter takes hold.  And that really is a problem.  I wish it was winter already.  Then, I would have a perfect excuse to stay in and write.  The real problem, however, is...

2. Sometimes I get on such a roll, I can't stop.  I'm cranking along, typing furiously, making lots and lots of headway.  And then, all of a sudden, some other committment comes on like a Mack Truck hitting me head on and I have to stop.  It happened today.  Work.  Bummer. 

I actually like my job, but it can be pretty boring.  Thankfully, I've recently discovered a game for my iTouch called Hungry Shark.  I'm discovering all kinds of nifty hidden things the more I play.  And that two and a half hour flight really soars by.

I know, I know, your thinking, Matt, you shouldn't be playing games while you're flying the plane.  And you're right.  That's a great time for writing.  But there are two of us up there, and I just can't write with someone watching me.

Now, back to Atlantic City for a moment.  It's late September.  Tuesday.  The boardwalk was pretty crowded.  Which means, either people are extending their vacations into fall, or unemployment drives people to the beach.  And there were swimmers.  That water's got to be cold.  Whatever the reason, I noticed quite a bit of New Jersey shining through in passersby.  It seems all those reality shows are giving people the courage to be themselves.

That, by the way, was not a compliment.


Erica M. Chapman said...

I know what you mean. My job gets in the way of my writing too... but gotta pay the bills, right? I just make sure I get some writing time in. Jersey. I can only imagine ;o)

Have fun!

Travener said...

Good luck getting back on the writing express.

Also, even though there are two of you, check the dials every so often to make sure your cabin mate isn't overshooting Minneapolis.

Jeanne said...

As far as I'm concerned, I liked my blissful fantasy about both pilots searching the horizon with riveted eyes, focused in their work and their dedication to my life as a passenger.:)

However I have to agree, work certainly gets in the way. Lots.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hey, came to your blog through my pal Patti Nielson. I write middle grade adventure, too. Start querying on my birthday on Monday. *bites fingernails* Now that you've heard my life story, I gotta say, that I like a pilot who KEEPS HIS EYES ON THE ROAD, if you know what I mean.

Work here on the farm and home-school can def get in the way, but AIN'T IT SUPER, DUPER, COOL TO WRITE MIDDLE GRADE??

Nice to meet you there and I know I speak for all your passengers when I say, WATCH THE SKY. hehe