Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Not Dead

Nor have I been kidnapped.  Thank you for your concern.   I have, however, been held hostage from blogging by a couple of things.  First, Mrs. Sarcasm and I took a quasi-vacation last week.  Our hotel wanted $50 for a week of interwebs.  No thanks.  And guess what?  I didn't miss it.  Not one bit.

Last week was National Parks Week here in America and we took full advantage.  I had been planning to do my own National Parks Week here at Pensive Sarcasm, but by the time we got home at one o'clock Monday morning, I was looking at about three and a half hours of sleep before getting back to work.  I've been running ragged ever since.

Not blogging and not interwebbing have carried over.  To be honest, I still don't feel that into it, but I felt I should at least offer an explanation.  Especially to my, now over 100, followers.  How someone can gain new followers by doing nothing is beyond me, but welcome to my new peeps.

So, my WIP had been cruising along.  I'm still trying to get it under 60,000 words, but I hit a brick wall the other day.  That, along with some major life developments I will announce at some point, have left me in a funk.

But have no fear, loyal readers.  I fully expect to pull through and be back to my sassy self before long.


Travener said...

Well, sorry to hear you're in a funk. Tyring to get your WIP under 60K? Under? Man, I need to switch genres.

On another note, national parks are cool.

Erica Chapman said...

Aw, bummer on the funkage. I know what you mean though. I've been sick for what seems like weeks. Hope all is well. We'll be here when you return ;o)

I took a whole class on national parks. I had to label a US map with all of them. Yeah. It was a long night! Loved the class though.

Bossy Betty said...

Welcome back. I'd love to hear about your National Park Adventure!