Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Day Atlanta Dilemma

First things first.  Welcome to my newest follower, Bossy Betty.  Thank you for coming over, and following the rules.  In fact, I'm thinking of giving Bossy Betty the unofficial job of enforcer.  Someone needs to because earlier today I lost a follower who did not announce their departure.  We have rules here people.  They are what make us civilized.

Now onto less important things.  I've been cruising along with re-writes.  I've stumbled upon an excellent solution that I think will let me keep the plotline I through out two days ago, when I cut exactly 9800 words.  I whittled that 9800 down to 6500 and with other cuts I may be able to squeeze them back in.

I offered to work on my days off because it gave me all day at home today to write, and all day tomorrow in Atlanta, which I should use to write, and plan to use to write.  The problem is, a big city like Atlanta offers lots to do.  And it should be good weather.  I've even got some blog friends who live there that I'd love to meet in person should they offer to buy me lunch.

Alas, I've been on such a roll the last few days I must keep writing.  Today is also April first.  It's the first day of Tina Lynn's 500 words a day challenge.  And that's no joke.  (Don't worry Tina Lynn.  I may have cut a lot, but I wrote a bunch too.  Easily 500 words.)

So, you see my dilemma.  Work (writing) or play (goofing off in Atlanta)?  Honestly, I've pretty much done everything, pretty much everywhere.  There is one other thing in favor of writing.  I have to fly with this jackass again.  Best to stay in the room to avoid him.


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I pounded out those 500 words (okay, 493 of them) in an hour at lunch today.

It. felt. fabulous.

I love this writing challenge, because I thrive on accountability.

Enjoy Hotlanta!

Bossy Betty said...

I am purchasing a new military-style uniform for my new unofficial position here. Do you think epliets are too much?

Kirsten Lesko said...

I can't wait to read about your flight with the jackass! Don't avoid him. Come back with lots of funny stories to tell.

Amy Saia said...

Good job with the edits. That's an amazing number. Hope it leads to full requests and then offers from agents. And, have fun with the flight! Mwahahahaha.

Jm Diaz said...

Ah Crap! i totally would've bought you lunch... you still 'round here?

Good luck on your challenge....