Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taking A Hiatus

I'll be unplugged most of the next week.  And while I've always though it silly to announce a lack of activity on a blog, I'm clearly not listening to myself.  So, rather than complete absenteeism, I'm going to be re-running some of the more popular posts of the past year, and some I thought should have been more popular.  And, who knows, I might drop by.  One can never predict what is going to spur a bloggy idea.

For instance, I read the following on a package of crackers today:
Natural flavor and other natural flavors
Seemed tasty.  And reminded me of the Arizona senator trying to make it a crime to be in the US and A illegally.  And here I thought crime was already illegal.

But what do I know?  I was shocked to learn the Cleveland Indians had initiated a Green Program by recycling trash collected at their games.  Apparently they've reduced the amount sent to landfills from 1300 tons in 2007 to 700 tons in 2009.  They've also reduced the number of fans producing trash by playing horrible baseball, but I doubt the two are related.

That's all for me.  See you on the flip side.